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The links incorporated within are included to ease out things for the users. However, note that the links located in the website might not be in adherence to the privacy policy of that website. On visiting any of the links located on the School Finds, you will be visiting the website of that particular institution/school/university. School Finds isn’t responsible for the content mentioned on the websites that link of the particular school/institution. We have no control over the information/content placed in that website. The maintenance of these websites is carried by both private and public entities of which has no authority.

School Finds maintains the right to remove or add the links on its website without any prior information or previously contacting or giving a reason to the users as to why those links are being removed or added. School Finds website does include the links to other federal and government websites that may help visitors/users understand the policies better. links only to the websites that aren’t government or federal websites in the case a legitimate organization affiliated with a government agency/agencies or with School Finds, sponsors that website. reviews all the links quarterly in order to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the link.

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