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Learning has been made easier at We have come up with an objective to make learning for the more lively and informative. Our online learning services, aligned with the current educational pattern are designed to make studies a fun thing. That means no more of suffering boredom when it comes to preparing for tests or exams. With an amazing education pattern, we help the students to understand the concepts better. We target at guiding the students to their academic excellence.

At School Finds, we

  • strive really hard to make the students proficient in all the subjects of their curriculum by conducting rigorous tests, providing proper study materials and model papers.
  • help students to recognize their individual learning capabilities so that they can prepare themselves better for their academic career.
  • allow the students to the learn subject(s) in step-by-step manner. The sample papers created by our experts are ideal for revision guide and exam preparation. also provides self-paced learning CDs, that allow the students to learn the concepts through cognitive learning approach. The students can learn about the techniques of long-term retention and easy understanding of difficult concepts.

Browse through our portal to know more about our services! It will be a pleasure to be a part of your child’s success!

Online Quiz

Now testing knowledge has become all the more handy and fun filled. School Finds has come up with online quiz service for the students, enabling them to score better in their tests and examinations. Our qualified professionals cover almost all the topics for diverse subjects meant for classes 1st to 12th

The online quizzes at School Finds allow the students to furnish their knowledge better. The quiz templates created by our experts boast automated grading. It makes it ideal for the students to test their knowledge just for fun. With our online quiz service, the students can gain better knowledge of various subjects. The best part is that they can receive statistics and detailed reports for their quizzes to analyse the level and performance.

Core features of our Online Quiz service –

  • Private and secure
  • Easy test settings
  • No need for software installations
  • Exam branding and Custom certificates
  • Allows students to score better in their exams and tests
  • Results are viewable instantly as they are automatically graded

Our secure online quiz service allows the students to test their knowledge and know about their exact level in various subjects of their study. The questionnaire will comprise of multiple choice, essay, short answer and more question types.

Model Papers is a reputed online education portal that offers interactive study materials and model papers for students of Standard 1st to 12th for ICSE, CBSE, and various other qualifying boards. We have incorporated live classes, interactive exercises, multimedia tutorials and practice tests at our portal to help, guide the students in their studies. We aim at helping the students to score more and better in the exams and tests conducted at their schools.

 Know here how we are different from others.

  • In addition to the study materials aligned in curriculum, School Finds allows the students to gain better and detailed knowledge of their subjects, while preparing them for a holistic development.
  • The model papers set by our experts help the students to prepare themselves for various important competitive exams.
  • We enable the students to develop themselves into a new being through improved overall performance in their studies.
  • We also provide solutions for various model papers, chapter wise revision notes, and subject wise synopses for classes 1st to 12th.

The model papers created by our experts enable the students to understanding of the concepts better. We focus on clearing the concepts right from the basics. Our professionals have designed the products very carefully so that students can clear their concepts through proven techniques and collaborative learning methodologies.

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